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Network Design and Installation Service

We offer the following networking solutions: - 

  • Installation of Structured Cabling for Home and Small Businesses

  • Installation and Administration of Network Devices

  • Remote Monitoring and Support through OVRC

  • Installation and Optimisation of Wireless Access points for Seamless WIFI Roaming



OvrC  is a revolutionary support platform for professionals that allows us to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices on the network. From basic home theaters to large-scale networking infrastructures, OvrC empowers us to keep everything running smoothly.

Through OVRC we can offer the following: -

  • Proactive Support 

  • Internet Speed Monitoring 

  • Remote Firmware Updates

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Scheduled Power Cycles 

  • Remote Device Setup

  • And More

If there are any issues with your network we will be automatically notified and may even be able to rectify the issue before you even notice! 


OVRC Home is a Client Facing Mobile App. Through the OvrC Home App, you can: 


  • Manage Wi-Fi access

  • Filter Network Content

  • Fix small Network Issues without needing to know system complexities

Call us for more information!

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